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The painting "Lotus" is part of a series of paintings dedicated to the movement of a woman's naked body in space, where the main character takes poses through which she wants to convey a specific message.


“Lotus” is painted in oil on canvas in the size of 50x50 cm. A naked figure of a woman in the Lotus position sits in front of the viewer. Here, the Lotus position is not a meditative pose, but as a protective pose with crossed legs. Taking such a pose, the woman in the picture protects her nakedness from the viewer and the condemnation of society, defending the rights to her sexuality.


The naked silhouette is presented without frank, erotic body parts. On the contrary, the artist depicted the most vulnerable parts of a woman's body: the stomach as a symbol of procreation and legs as a symbol of stability.


The primed part of the painting, which is under a layer of oil, has the form of ticking on the canvas to create the effect of a melting candle. The unprimed part of the canvas creates a hyperbole of nudity.


"Your vulnerability is your strength."

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